Fuzing the power of the crowd - To fund your DREAMS!


FundFuze is an international Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing platform designed to help you raise funds for your your ideas, projects, businesses and companies. You can build a following and sell your products in their pre-launch stages. Imagine that, people wanting to purchase your products before they are even made. The “Crowd” is anyone on the web that is your potential customer, and “Funding” is what they can give you in the form of pre-purchase money, or a simple contribution because they believe in what you are doing. The FundFuze platform is open to anyone in the world. That dream or project you’ve always wanted to do is closer to reality than you think. Writing a book, creating a graphic novel, making a film, documentaries, technology, throwing a special event, getting charity donations, there are almost no limits to what you can fund. In addition, the crowd can also help by offering their services and/or partnerships to achieve your goals. Meet like minded people, build your project together, raise the funds and launch to the world. We understand that building your Campaign needs to be well planned and perfect before launch so we also offer mentoring services. We want you to make FundFuze a part of your idea and business plan, and we want you to succeed!